Autonomous 3D manufacturing anywhere

We are feverishly working on next big thing in portable 3D manufacturing. Imagine a portable device producing objects up to 6 cubic meters anywhere you go. Machine that is so efficient, you can power it by a car battery or a solar panel. Simply an intelligent tool you can take with you anywhere.


Who are we and What we are trying to solve

We want to revolutionize the way people manufacture things. Our tool-bot addresses major issues in on demand production

  • Speed
  • Size of objects
  • Material diversity
  • Ecological impact

Why now

According to Gartner Machines Are Taking a More-Active Role in Enhancing Human Endeavours
"Because the machines are more connected than ever before, they have an increased ability to supplement human jobs and to reduce the cost of operations."


  • Portable device 2 m / 6.56 ft – 25 cm / 9.8” when folded
  • work area of 6 m3 / 212 ft3
  • Low power consumption – 30W 12-24V
  • Interchangeable tool-heads
    • Foam Extruder

    • Foam Wire Cutter

    • CNC Mill

    • Airbrush Paint

    • Agro tools

  • Generates own WiFi Access Point
  • Simple touch user interface
  • On-board software 3D path and workflow processor to optimize the manufacturing process